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Neurology and Science come together in a novel private practice offering personalized health services and the latest and greatest in the advances of science. The Florida Neuroscience Center, headed by Dr. Eduardo Locatelli, has opened its doors in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Locatelli, a neurologist, is an expert in Epilepsy with triple boards in Neurology, Neurophysiology, and Neuroimaging. He adds a master's of public health to his medical doctorate degree as well as a certification as a Six Sigma champion.

How do you bring together neuroscience and technology in the best service to those in need of health care? Combine Dr. Locatelli's well-known dedication as a caring physician, his years of experience as Director of The Epilepsy Program at Cleveland Clinic Florida, his reputation as "The Epileptologist" of South Florida, with his expertise as Director of Medical Informatics, his excellence in teaching and constant learning, and you bring a cutting-edge, committed doctor, proficient in the latest and greatest of technology with the integrative ability to maximize patient care. When asked about his vision and driving force to create The Florida Neuroscience Center, Dr. Locatelli replied: “My purpose was to create a center of excellence with a personal touch. While I could offer the traditional one-to-one office visit, my vision is to apply the advances of science and technology in the service of improving my patients’ quality of life. To do this, I have established systems in which I am constantly looking both to improve outcome measures as well as improve my Center’s delivery of excellent services.”

In his new practice, Dr. Locatelli offers neurology consults in general neurology, and specifically, in Epilepsy. His practice has state-of-the-art digital systems to support diagnostic procedures, electronic medical records, integrated communication systems to constantly improve customer service and satisfaction, all in support of providing excellence in the provision of health services. His dedicated and highly qualified staff of many years attest to his efforts: they have followed him in his new venture as they share the same mission - to provide for the best patient health care with cutting-edge technology and to maximize both patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction in the workplace.

What else is there to ask for? The Florida Neuroscience Center: A Brain Center with Heart and Soul.

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